Concrete Creations

Concrete Countertops – Concrete Window Sills – Concrete Sinks – Concrete Shower Panels
Decorative Stained Concrete – Concrete Fireplace Faces, Hearths & Mantles

Enjoy the beauty and durability of custom concrete structural and decorative architectural elements. Concrete can be custom colored and textured. We can embed decorative highlights such as glass, tiles, art, coins, practically anything. Colors do not have to be solids. Grains, swirls, marbling, patterns, and gradients are all doable with custom made concrete elements.

Versatility is one of the outstanding qualities of concrete. With custom concrete fixtures you are not hindered by the limitations of granite, tile, synthetic solid surfaces or engineered quartz. In fact, practically anything you can imagine can be achieved with concrete. Geometric or irregular shapes, custom sizes, curves, corners, decorative edge treatments, unlimited color options, seamless integration between elements, and embedded decorative and functional items are all possible with custom concrete. Unlike other materials, even the thickness of concrete elements can be varied to fix your exact installation.

Concrete, Durability Beyond All Others

With minimal maintenance concrete elements can last for generations. The inherent strength of concrete can be enhanced with steel reinforcement during design/construction. Whether you are designing a kitchen or an exterior poolside food serve area, he sink, countertop, fireplace, or floor that you design can last and be just as beautiful when your grandchildren and great grandchildren come of age. Concrete surfaces can be sealed and maintained to keep their original color and sheen or they can be allowed to age and develop a patina that is unique to your specific installation. Concrete surfaces can be rejuvenated even after long periods of abuse or neglect.


The exact maintenance procedure you use will depend upon your long term vision of how your concrete element will age. Do you want it to wear and weather so that it eventually looks like an antique? Do you want to maintain a high shine surface? Discuss all this with us while we are working with you to plan the project. We might choose a particular sealer that enhances your particular desires. Sealers range from multi-coat epoxy resins to hand applied wax. Many types and grades of sealers are available. Let us recommend the best one for you.