Concrete Architectural Elements – Creations in Concrete

Concrete is a wonderful construction material. Most people know of its strength and durability but do not realize it is also one of the most versatile construction materials available.

We launched Concreative to offer the most extensive range of concrete architectural construction elements imaginable.

We produce custom countertops for interior and exterior applications in any color, texture, or pattern that can be used in any venue. Residential, medical, educational, institutional, and industrial construction can all benefit from the imaginative implementation of concrete countertops.

Concrete sinks can be incorporated as an integral part of a countertop or as stand alone elements. Shape, size, color, and ornamentation are limited only by your imagination.

Design or refurbish a fireplace with concrete. Design a concrete mantle and build a concrete hearth. Face the fireplace with concrete instead of brick or stone and add beauty that will outlast any traditional material.

One of the simplest, most cost effective ways to surface a floor is to stain concrete. Concrete staining has limitless possibilities in color, color combinations, textures, finishes, designs, inlays, or stencils and can be formed to resemble brick, stone, flagstone, pebbles, granite, marble of any material you wish. Beutify your floors, walkways, patios, and islands with stained concrete.