Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is beautiful, long lasting, and infinitely variable. Concrete floors are the most common application of stained concrete. Interior floors or exterior surfaces can be enhanced, beautified, and personalized to fit your intended use.

Stained concrete is perfect for any environment, residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial. The beauty of stained concrete is just one of its benefits. Staining concrete is an efficient way to convert an unfinished surface from an eyesore that would need to be covered into a beautiful, functional enhancement that will last and last.

Stained concrete can be used to eliminate the health impact of dusty, moldy carpets. No need to vacuum, shampoo, or steam clean carpets, impervious stained concrete can be kept dust and mold free with simple light cleaning.

Your stained concrete can be unique. There are no limits on how concrete can be colored, patterned, stenciled, inlaid, etched, and finished. Staining concrete is as much art as it is skill. The finished product reflects more than light. It is a combined reflection of the artist and the owner.

ConCreative is your expert partner in creating long lasting functional concrete art from your concrete floors.